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Little too much indulgence?

Holiday Hangover Face & Body Detox

Bubble Foam Mask

Exfoliate off sallow, alcohol/ bad diet damaged skin cells. Enzymes work overtime digesting season skin and unlocking build-up in the pores.

$85 Value

Infrared Detox Wrap

Breaks the fat down into calories, and placing them back into the bloodstream to be used as energy.

$225 Value

Bio Hydroderm Facial

A gentle acid-based serum infusion is applied to the skin to instantly start to loosen up dead cells, so when the Bio Brasion handpiece goes over the skin, it works to remove the dissolved cells and leave nourishing hydration and nutrients.

$250 Value

Lymphatic Massage –

Lymphatic Sub-Dermal Toxin Release Moves fluid retention and toxin release in targeted areas of the body Does more than just reduce cellulite and swelling …This technique is designed to stimulate the flow of lymph (a fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body).

$175 Value

$735 in Total Face and Body Renewal

For only $375

Wrinkle Smoother

"Buy Now for yourself or for a friend or family member. you can book your Labor day special when you are ready"

Smooth things over with our groundbreaking NEW Treatment!

Wrinkle Smoothing Precision with Advanced Peptides that target wrinkles formation pathways to smooth the look of forehead lines, crows feet, and expression lines.

Gua Sha


($75 value)

Wrinkle Lift Peel for face neck and chest

($300 value)

Peptide Lift Plasmatic Mask

($125 value)

Oxygen Infusion

($125 Value)

Today $189

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Spa Package

∙ 50 minute Hot Stone Massages

 $150 Value

∙ 50 minute Artic Berry anti-aging Organic Facial

$170 Value

Facial Includes:

·       Collagen Mask  $60 Value

·       Micro Brow Lift  $75 Value

·       Lip Plumping Treatment $25 Value


The hot stone massage is a powerful detox tool for rebalancing and revitalizing the body. Gentle warmth mixed with Swedish massage reduces inflammation increases circulation. Also known as the “muscle memory release massage", this service is complimented with warm soothing heat from the hot stone placement that will melt your muscle tension away. ArticBerry anti-aging organic facial for all skin types to get your skin deep cleaned, custom exfoliation, and hydrated. Developed using ingredients harvested near the arctic circle, such as cloudberry to soften and soothe, Arctic Roseroot to even skin tone, Arctic Meadowsweet to correct free radical damage and Juniper for a strong antioxidant. These components encourage the creation of protective tissue within the epidermis, making them an effective choice for skin protection. Soothing collagen mask to hydrate your skin and counterbalance the harsh Texas Summer Sun! Micro-Current Instant WOW Brow Lift Treatment. Refresh your eyes and minimize fine lines and dark circles. Last but not least get the beautiful lips you’ve always wanted with our refreshing Lip Plumping Treatment

Bahama Mama Meltaway

Inch-loss body wrap (50 minutes $175 )

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (50 minutes $150 )

Citrus-Lime Radiant Organic Facial (50 minutes $150 )


Sweet Dreams Spa Package

50 min Hot Stone Massage   Value $150.00

50 min Sweet Red Rose Oxygen Facial

                with 3-step Kiss a Tell lip treatment      Value $185.00

50 min Inch loss body wrap   Value $175.00


Get Your Skinny On!

Inch Loss Body Wrap (50 Minutes Value $175.00)

Lipo Dermology (25 Minutes Value $150.00)

Organic Facial (50 Minutes Value $150.00)


 So Sexy Spa Package

Hydrate and Nourish your skin with this luxurious treatment. The Sweet Red Rose Facial leaves your skin with regenerated new skin cells and tightened refined pore size.

Relaxing Hand and Foot Remedy~

A sweet treat of double-layer moisture with live strawberry cells and shea butter to renew skin and deeply hydrate

Deluxe 4-Layer Eye Zone Treatment~

Bye, Bye crows feet! Age defying eye treatment bound to banish dark circles and puffiness. Eyes leave refreshed and re-energized.


 Visions of Sugar Plums Spa Package

50-minute Sugar Plum massage with peppermint scalp treatment (a $150 value) 50-minute Sugar Plum facial (a $150 value) 20-minute cranberry pomegranate body scrub (an $85 value)


Sugar and Spice Spa Package

50-minute full-body hot-stone massage (a $150 value) 50-minute organic facial (a $150 value) 50-minute inch-loss body wrap (a $175 value)