Beautiful lashes and brows

Brow and Lash Enhancements and Grooming

Luxe Lash Tint 


Forget messy mascara and look gorgeous from the moment you wake up.
This is a great enhancer for fair haired and fair skinned people, but it even works well if you have dark hair by darkening the tips to the base of your your lashes to add an illusion of length and fullness. Most women have faded lashes due to drying mascara and cleansers.

4-6 weeks of mascara free bright eyes!


Brow Tint

The shape and color of your brows effectively frame your face. There’s nothing more important than having, clean, groomed brows. Brow pencils and fillers can look heavy and artificial. A brow tint is customized just for you. Always natural and custom blended.