“The Spa at Cibolo Canyon is part of my monthly planned routine to stay healthy. I’m so incredibly grateful to God for the gift of good health both mentally and physically that I feel it is my responsibility to maintain this gift. The Spa at Cibolo Canyon is not just a place where I go to relax and indulge in the first class treatments, but also a place where I go for complete respite. I have known Susan for 12 years and could not ever imagine going to any other Spa. Her love of her clients and their over-all health is a rarity in today’s world of Spa’s and services. The Spa at the Village is not just about the indulgences of life; it is about maintaining a good life.” Trish Perdue  Southlake, Texas


What Our Guest Have to Say

“My Husband and I have never felt more healthier and alive since we’ve been committed to regular treatments at The Spa at Cibolo Canyon. We feel that everyone should take advantage of their unique treatments. We love them, they are our family.” -Fonda and Reggie Martin

” I love the atmosphere here, the girls are professional but laid back and listen to the clients closely. I recently stayed at a well know hotel and spa in Dallas and I absolutely prefer The Spa at Cibolo Canyon over it. Everything down to the comfort of the massage table and softness of the sheets, is preferable here” – Leah M.

“After my service I felt Relaxed, Calmer, more at peace, not so hurried, and able to enjoy. The package I got was a GREAT DEAL! I cannot find another spa that offers the value of the services offered that I get at The Spa at Cibolo Canyon. Other spas charge 3 times as much for 3 times as less!” – Jelena B.

“I usually feel rushed after a massage either because of the staff or the schedule but this time I felt welcomed to hang around and relax even after the service was over for as long as I needed to – and I took advantage of it! Thank you for your hospitality.”


Local Owners Who Care

“This past Thanksgiving, my wife and I were run off the road and into a tree by a driver that wasn’t paying attention. On a recommendation from a friend, we called The Spa at Cibolo Canyon the following Saturday morning and told them about the accident and the problems we were having with soreness and stiffness. Despite the fact that their schedule was full, they were able to work us in the same day. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised with the elegant and relaxed atmosphere. We were immediately taken back, where we were treated to a foot detox and one of their heated aromatherapy neck wraps. On their recommendation we spent 15 minutes in the I.R. Sauna, which did wonders to loosen up the sore muscles before the massage. The staff suggested a hot stone massage which is designed to relax the muscles. The next hour was absolute heaven! The difference in the muscles before the massage verses after was night and day. The girls knew exactly how much pressure and heat was needed to help the muscles relax without causing more soreness. Hopefully our next visit won’t be a result of a car wreck, but we will definitely be back! And now I know what my relatives are getting for Christmas!”

-Daniel R.


Top Notch

“I held a baby shower for a friend of mine at The Spa at the Village and was absolutely blown away by the staff’s professionalism, kindness, and expertise. Melanie booked the shower for me and was so friendly and inviting not only to me but to all of my guests who called her to RSVP. All of the shower attendants were incredibly impressed with the spa and all plan to return. We look forward to taking advantage of their Girls Night Out events in the future. I HIGHLY recommend this spa to anyone and everyone. It is a little bit of a drive for me, but I have found my new favorite for sure”

-Gina G.


Love this Place

“I had a local coupon for a 2 hour visit and loved how I was taken care of. I was educated and even though I did hear the ‘add on’ choice, I took it because it was tailored for me and my needs. I loved the following sessions so much that many friends have visited and my husband and I became members. The simple things are what count: herbal tea, warm neck pillow, cool damp cloth for sauna…I know so many ‘spas’ that forget in these simple treasures”

-Kellee B.


Welcome the Sun with Spa

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