O2-B Oxygen Inhalation Boost:

Enhance the Effectiveness of any spa service while achieving greater relaxation and restoration by getting higher quality of oxygen.

  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Improve your skin tone
  • Sleep better
  • As well as losing inches and weight

While enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy and pure oxygen, your breathing levels will increase.

Most people only use about twenty percent of their lung capacity. Tests have been done over and over again to determine how much of our brain cells we actually use. Other test have been done to see how our organs such as our lungs function. It is remarkable that we are all using a very limited portion of our potential in all these areas. Seventy percent of elimination from your body is through breathing. When we allow our bodies to accumulate toxins we are inviting illness and disease. Medical testing has proven again and again that the missing link in those with Cancer and other serious diseases is simply oxygen.

30 minutes-­$ 30