Happy New Year from The Spa At Cibolo Canyon

Here are some Awesome Spa Packages Deals Just in time for the New Year.

Great values you can Buy Now, Use Later. Gift them, or use them just for you!

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Holiday Hangover Face & Body Detox

InfraRed Detox Wrap

Breaks the fat down into calories and places them back into the bloodstream to be used as energy. ($225 Value)

Dermaplane Facial

A tool is used to gently retexturize and remove dead skin build up along with pesky peach fuzz with a detoxifying mask ($225 Value)

($475 Total value)

For only $395

New Year, New You! Tailored Made Massage

*Enhanced flexibility

*Improved posture

*Increased range of motion

*Better circulation

Enable fluids and nutrients to pass through muscles.

Removes waste such as lactic acid and encourages the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients. Helps muscles recover quicker.

Muscle Soothe Balm

Will penetrate deep into muscle to relieve muscle inflammation and soreness.

Back Exfoliation

Sugar shea scrub buffs off dry dead skin while moisturizing.


Assist in relaxing mind and body.

Foot Scrub

Intense exfoliation to leave feet smooth and soft.

50 min Tailored made massage

($185 value)

For Only $129


80 min Tailored made Massage

($205 value)

For Only $169

Lavender Detox Facial

Ultrasonic Cleansing with Aloe Enzymes

a deep pore cleanse with micro extractions to remove blackheads and unclog pores

Dermaplane OR Organic Enzyme Lift

removes top layers of dry, dead cells that are causing sensitivity and blemishes

Lavender Oats and Honey Steam Mask

draws out toxins and impurities while reducing inflammation and redness

Agave Nectar Facial Massage

increases blood flow and toning as nutrients help soften and feed the skin

(1 hour-$275 value)

For Only $189!

Love the Skin You're In Smooth and Tone


This Revolutionary collagen-boosting, fine line diminisher is a Game Changer! Encouraging tightened skin and reduced scarring. ($300 value)

Enzyme Body Polish

Soften and buff away dry skin. ($20 value)

B-Vitamin Mlis Contour Wrap

Flush the body of harmful toxins, tighten skin, lose up to 1/2 a dress size! ($175 value)

($495 total value)

For Only $359!