Epidermal Leveling Peel

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February 26, 2013
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Epidermal Leveling Peel

Epidermal Leveling


Epidermal Leveling is a type of facial peel that involves the physical removal of dead skin cells and fine vellous facial hair (peach fuzz), which often cause excess dirt and oil buildup. Epidermal Leveling is designed to reveal new, fresh cells in order to give the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance. This treatment may also stimulate and rejuvenate the skin tissue, which offers a non-chemical alternative for reducing acne scarring, uneven pigmentation and fine wrinkles. Several patients report immediate improvements in skin texture and tone. Epidermal Leveling can additionally be in conjunction with other procedures such as laser rejuvenation treatments.


Also known as dermaplaning, the Epidermal Leveling technique utilizes a specially designed surgical instrument, known as an Epiblade. The Epiblade is maneuvered against the skin surface in a sweeping action for skin cell removal.

An Epidermal Leveling treatment will take approximately 30 minutes, and removes about several weeks worth of dead skin cells. Epidermal Leveling can be performed every 3-4 weeks, in conjunction with the skin’s normal cycle of approximately 30 days. Most guest report zero pain or discomfort during treatment.

Because Epidermal Leveling is a physical removal of dead skin cells, the skin tends to immediately and naturally respond directly after the treatment. Our guest report smoothing effects, and an overall glow within hours. These quick results make Epidermal Leveling a popular choice shortly before important social events.

$150 with balancing facial

$80 Epidermal leveling alone

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