Welcome to The Spa at Cibolo Canyons!

San Antonio Texas premier destination spa, where you get twice the service for half the price in a luxury setting and location.

As a avid spa enthusiast I often wondered why so many people just chose average services and boring spa treatments. When I worked at local Spa’s I grew bored with the services, but even worse than being bored I felt I was not serving my friends and clients to the best of my ability. I was so limited on protocols and there is only so much you can achieve when your doing the same thing over and over… That is why the menu and  treatment offers change with the season. I take the best of the best and create sequential services that bring restoration and vitality .

You’ll never grow tired of the average spa menu here.

Our promise is to give you twice the service and benefits for half the price you would pay at any resort or destination spa without comparison. Each service is personally created by me, but we leave your level of customization open for you to choose. Together you and your spa specialist will maximize the benefits and time.

Ever wonder why you don’t try more exotic spa services locally ?

If your like me usually the fear of making a bad decision and waste of your time and money. Even most hotel and resort Spa’s don’t fully utilize their service menu because people are not requesting them. However here you can enjoy and experience Benefits of these holistic and world renowned healing remedies and therapy affordability.

Most day spas are put together as a after thought in a noisy hair salon. I believe that to truly be a great Spa the team and management should know a little about how the skin and body function.  All that glitters is always gold, and unfortunately that is the same in The spa world too.

Here our  focus is on what we know best. Put simply, we are San Antonio's premier facial and body treatment experts, and as of recent we brought our passion to  the beautiful Hill Country in San Antonio Texas.  Here at The Spa At Cibolo Canyons, we help you achieve beauty and wellness… Powered by wholesome  natural and organic professional strength treatments and services.

You will love enjoying organic and at locally made products. Most of all you will get to experience hospitality and Bigger Benefits from your spa day with us.

In San Antonio, your only minutes away from the JW Marriott Hill Country and close by from the Hyatt Hill Country and La Cantera Resort

If you're visiting from a local resort? Show us your room key and we’ll take $20 off of your total  service ticket ( excludes gratuities)

We invite you to make us your monthly habit.